Business and Operational Solutions

Our business and operational solutions are designed to help your organization work as efficiently and effectively as possible and keep your competitive edge. We use a unique partnership approach and work alongside you to identify corporate constraints, explore organizational communications and examine the work flow process.

We offer both PMO and Operations Excellence services to help you achieve your goals of on time delivery, quick response to internal and external customers needs, better cost structure and improved productivity.

AMCG’s tailored solutions are sustainable. We will often change your organization work habits and help you create a culture that is better geared towards continuously achieving corporate goals and a competitive advantage. When the project is done, your team will be able to identify constraints for success and continuously adjust and improve your operation.

We partner with your team to implement solutions that seamlessly become your organization's way of conducting your day to day business.

Project Management Office (PMO) services

Controlling your projects work processes in the face of constant change reduces risk.

Effective project management controls the critical elements of cost, scope, time and risk. Each of these elements is a key to business success and must be expertly managed to ensure quality results on time and within budget. AMCG’s methodologies and strategic approach encompass an overall view of your business goals and objectives to deliver effective project management solutions.


Operations Excellence

Achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through Operations Excellence.

AMCG’s Operations Excellence methodology is a change process platform built on Lean principles that is designed to achieve world-class quality, maximum productivity, and reliable delivery of goods and services at competitive prices. The successful Operations Excellence platform can turn the core operation of an enterprise into a strategic competitive advantage.