Operations Excellence

Achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through Operations Excellence.

AMCG’s Operations Excellence methodology is a change process platform built on Lean principles that is designed to achieve world-class quality, maximum productivity, and reliable delivery of goods and services at competitive prices. The successful Operations Excellence platform can turn the core operation of an enterprise into a strategic competitive advantage.

The Lean Operations methodology focuses on eliminating non value-added activities throughout the enterprise while creating maximum value for your customers. It builds an integrated product delivery process to meet the changing needs of customers while creating a fundamental and sustainable change in organizational culture.

AMCG works in partnership with your teams to implement the best fit Operations Excellence solution. We help organizations to effectively achieve their pre-determined business and operational goals of cost reduction, quality improvement and agile operations. AMCG measures results in terms of ROI for each project, each activity and each program milestone.

Companies that have partnered with AMCG to implement Lean based Operations Excellence solutions have achieved:

  • • Substantial response time and lead time reduction, significant quality improvement, and overall cost reduction
  • • Constant innovation embedded as part of the day to day work at all levels of the organization
  • • A permanent, on-going cultural change that delivers Continuous Improvement on a daily basis, with collaboration, commitment and partnership among all of the organization’s employees

AMCG provides the catalyst to implement an effective change management methodology. We focus on creating an organizational commitment to the change process across all levels of the organization. The AMCG Change Management methodology creates ownership and empowers employees to break old paradigms and achieve indisputable results.

Developing the best Lean solution for your organization requires skill, knowledge and experience. It demands a program that has the right balance between cultural, organizational and engineering techniques. The program allows your organization to:

  • • Set the stage for a sustainable change process
  • • Choose the right Lean tools
  • • Use the tools in the best sequence for maximum results
  • • Employ the best method for implementing Lean tools

AMCG operates in a true partnership with clients through joint efforts and shared responsibilities. Most often, the lines between direct employee and AMCG expert are blurred by the relationship between AMCG and the client company. This partnership approach has resulted in long-term relationships with clients, driven by the indisputable value that AMCG delivers every day.