Operations Excellence through Advanced Lean Management Solutions and Expert Project Management

Results Oriented Management Consulting

AMCG is a global management consulting firm that utilizes a hands-on engineering approach and advanced operations management methodologies in working with clients to achieve operational effectiveness with positive financial results.

We partner with our clients to create a platform for achieving positive sustainable change and competitive advantages within their industry. Our experts work side by side with your team to implement sustainable work habits that result in a competitive operational advantage.

The AMCG unique approach to operational consulting will equip your team with the skills to adjust to ever changing business conditions. Our management and operational solutions will help your organization continuously maintain a competitive advantage and achieve your goals through a meaningful and long lasting cultural change.

Measurable Value Proposition

AMCG has a strong foundation of satisfied long term clients who value our results-oriented partnership approach to business relationships. We strive to achieve our clients' operational and business goals by implementing advanced operations management methodologies, tools and technologies.

Working with over 1000 clients in a wide range of business sectors, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise that will benefit your organization. We serve a wide range of high and low-tech companies in the manufacturing and service sectors.

AMCG has developed innovative models and unique methodologies based on our world-wide experience. Utilizing our knowledge and experience, we will work with your team to design a custom business and operational solution that will fit your organizational culture and address your unique challenges and needs. We apply advanced engineering tools and effective management methodologies to enhance your company's performance.

At AMCG, we are committed to working with you to get the results you want. We put our core values of strong commitment, innovation, a results oriented approach and a dynamic creative environment to work for you. We view our relationship with you as a long-term partnership, and we work side by side with you to see that your goals are achieved.

AMCG has over 25 years of experience in implementing advanced project management and operations management and improvement techniques. Our team of more than 200 professionals has worked with clients from Fortune 500 companies to diverse manufacturing and service organizations. Seeing projects through to the end, where financial goals, operational goals, and sustainable culture transformation can be measured is the hallmark of the company. AMCG is Committed to Results.