Project Management Office (PMO) services

Controlling your projects work processes in the face of constant change reduces risk.

Effective project management controls the critical elements of cost, scope, schedule and risk. Each of these elements is a key to business success and must be expertly managed to ensure quality results on time and within budget. AMCG’s methodologies and strategic approach encompass an overall view of your business goals and objectives to deliver effective project management solutions.

AMCG partners with clients to implement a comprehensive approach. We combine proven methodologies, a “hands on” approach and custom-made system solutions to deliver state-of-the-art custom project management processes that help you achieve greater results.

AMCG provides PMO services for a variety of projects such as large infrastructure projects, new manufacturing facilities build up and activation, technology upgrades and transfer, research and development projects and more. We partner with clients to support large projects or to develop the infrastructure and platform for managing multiple projects on an ongoing basis

AMCG will partner with your team to provide an overall comprehensive Project Management Office services or to support any of your project vertical needs. Our unique PMO solutions are designed to address three critical tasks of any project: Proper Planning, Smooth Execution, and Effective Project Management & Control.

Project Planning

AMCG provides a variety of planning services beginning with strategic planning of the project down to a detailed planning level of all project aspects. We view the planning process as a continuous process as opposed to a one-time event which ensures that adjustments are made in a timely manner as internal and external situations and circumstances change. The effective planning process identifies potential gaps and risks and leads to a successful project.

AMCG implements planning in a variety of sub-categories including:

Capacity—Tools for capacity planning for various business scenarios

Layout—Based on the capacity analysis, several functional layout scenarios are evaluated to ensure optimal material flow and cost containment

Headcount—Determine the optimal staffing levels to achieve productivity goals

Schedule—Build a detailed plan of the projects’ timeline and tasks to accommodate schedule goals

Procurement—Evaluate various options to save costs and ensure that all the “Right” equipment arrives on schedule


Successful execution of a project lies in managing the details while always having the big project picture and project goals in mind. AMCG focuses on drilling into micro schedules, procurement, detail work plans and integration between the different stakeholders with a constant overview of the project performance.

AMCG utilizes advanced tools to ensure cost effective execution of the project and drives the execution through:

Coordination—Ensuring coherency between planning and execution

Systems Alignment—Systems and methodologies targeted to maintain zero discrepancies between different systems

Management—AMCG project managers lead the project as part of your team

Management & Control

With controlling Budget, Schedule and Quality, AMCG offers solutions that constantly monitor all project parameters, progress and performance. Our goal is to provide a clear and concise picture for all the stakeholders in order to ensure better integration and communication. Decision support data is also provided to ensure proper risk analysis.

AMCG provides management and integration capabilities that include:

Milestone Integration Management—Performing different levels of milestone integration and analyzing performance against schedule.

Risk Management—Exercising risk analysis and risk management throughout the project

Change Control—Methodologies that cover impact analysis and implementation of changes

Budget Control—Budget and cash flow control while carefully comparing the budget to project milestones

AMCG’s vast experience in providing PMO services around the globe and our commitment to results will help you to manage you projects more effectively, reduce your risk and achieve your organization goals and objectives.