Case Study: HP-Indigo

HP- Indigo has achieved significant operational performance improvements by partnering with AMCG to implement a Lean Management program.

HP-Indigo is an international leader in commercial and industrial printing systems. HP-Indigo partnered with AMCG in the beginning of 2002. The project’s goal was to increase Indigo’s manufacturing capacity by implementing a Pull production system (Demand Flow Technology), shortening order fulfillment times, and reducing overall cost.

To kick off the project, AMCG helped Indigo develop a unique Lean strategy, including a three year implementation program. The key elements of the program included:

  • • Implementation of a Pull production system
  • • Implementation of a Kanban system for inventory management.
  • • Facilitation of key Kaizen events.
  • • Implementation of appropriate Lean tools such as 5S, Waste Elimination, Work Process Standardization and Visual Management.

AMCG also trained and coached Indigo Kaizen events facilitators to ensure Lean transformation sustainability beyond the engagement.

The results of the program are significant. HP Indigo realized improvements across the board including:

  • • 28% reduction in lead time
  • • 60% reduction in process integration lead time
  • • 30% improvement in raw material shortages
  • • 60% improvement in inventory accuracy.